Bless the Lord Oh My Soul

"Bless the Lord oh My Soul," is how King David opens and closes Psalm 103. The entire psalm consist of reasons why we should be blessing the Lord. 

There's a question that arises when reading this psalm. That being: Why did David have to talk his soul into blessing the Lord?

Doesn't it seem like David is talking himself into it? Knowing how turbulent David's days could be, it wouldn't be a far jump to consider how often he must've felt like either complaining or lamenting to the Lord. 

With this understanding in mind, look at what's going on with this chapter. He doesn't bring up anything but reasons to bless the Lord. He's stirring himself up in the Lord, and stirring himself out of what could have been a downtrodden mindset. 

Bless the Lord instead of Problems

Troubles have a way of making themselves look bigger than the Lord. Troubles of the day tend to rule for that day, rather than the Father. 

Perhaps for some of us, we could take a page out of King David's playbook? Bring into our remembrance every reasons we can think of, to bless and give praise to the Lord. 

Psalm 103 is always there if we have a difficult time burning through the fog of troubles, to come up with reasons to bless the Lord. Stepping forward through a downtrodden mindset to find the will to even start this process is half the battle. 

But once you've purposed in your heart to bless the Lord rather than bend to troubles, something happens. A match gets lit inside of you. 

The more you bless the Lord for all that he's done for you, the bigger the picture gets, and the smaller our antagonists become. Giving him thanks, praise, and glory for the future that he's prepared for us in Christ Jesus, amplifies how much he's blessed us, and helps place our troubles into a manageable perspective.

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  • Sep 09, 2018
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