What Love Is - 7 Things

1 Corinthians 13 is all about telling us what love is, and what it is not. In this post, we're going to concentrate on what love is, in order to gain a better understanding of how the Lord God Almighty defines it.

Long Suffering

Love will survive the pains and stings of uncertainty through patience and grace. Though it may sting, love will overlook an offence.


How would love have a chance to blossom without kindness? Being kind is forbearing, helpful and sympathetic.

Rejoices in Truth

Love knows what course to take when it is standing on truth. Lies can only upset and grieve love in time.

Bears all things

Love has very broad shoulders. Through good and bad, love will stand strong when all others have fallen.

Believes all Things

Love relies on truth and trust. Wanting to believe what's best for others, love will give the benefit of the doubt to carry on.

Hopes all Things

Love hopes nothing but the best, and plays whatever part necessary to make the best things happen.

Endures all Things

Poverty and abundance, fair weather or catastrophe, Love will endure and get past the worst of times.

The Word of the Lord is packed full of verses that give us insight into what defines love. But these seven things are painting with a broad brush. I'd like to give you a challenge...



Try dwelling on only one of the traits listed above, and think of how many different ways you can expand on it. The real challenge comes, as we attempt to apply these things to our lives, and reflect love to others as the Lord defines it, rather than what we're taught by the world at large.

Knowing what love is is one half of the battle, but what about what love isn't? Head to the post: "What Love is Not - 8 Things."

Love hopes all things

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