Why Christendom Arts?

  • Wide variety of outstanding products
  • High quality workmanship
  • Great Service
  • Products that invite opportunities to share the gospel
  • To wear your witness
  • To share and declare without uttering a word

We look forward to giving you every reason to allow us to become your one stop shop for Christian apparel and décor.


About Our Company

Christendomarts.com is the homesite to Agape Design Lab Incorporated. We are an online Christian owned and operated company that is based out of the United States.

Our website is ever expanding as new product is introduced, so be sure to come back often to see what’s new and exciting from Agape Design Lab Inc., here at christendomarts.com


Our Vision

Our vision is to expand the business, create jobs, and make a positive impact in the lives of others for a long time to come. All the while staying true to Christian values, and Biblical principles.

We serve to play our part in the expansion of the Kingdom of God through provoking interest in verses from the Bible by way of making them visible to those who might not normally see them. And as we grow as a company, we look forward to better our local economy through the creation of jobs as demand grows.


Our Mission

Our mission is threefold:

  1. To serve the Lord with all of our hearts, minds, and strength. Christ Jesus is the cornerstone of this company, and takes his place as head of this household. If the mission were to be summed up in four words, they would be “It’s all about Jesus.”
  2. The second part of our mission is to spread and promote the Word of the Lord to any eye that can behold it, and enter into the heart of those who would receive it. We are confident that our large variety of products achieves this goal.
  3. The third part of our mission is to serve our customers as we ourselves would expect to be served. Jesus teaches us all to love others as we love ourselves. We incorporate this into our business model, to fulfill this commandment as a business, just as one would personally. We understand that without good service, there’s no good business.


Who we Are

Nick and Ivette are at the helm of this Christian family that has taken hold of the American dream, and is daily using it to serve the Lord through the witness of their product line. With love and diligence, they serve to yield the best service, high quality product, and with passion as if working unto the Lord.


Our Products

We strongly recognize the ceaseless power of the Word of God to work around the clock. When we expect it to be effective and when we don’t. There’s no telling what goes on in the heart of someone when they see a verse for the first time.

Each product is carefully, attractively, and personally, crafted to bear the scriptures. All designed with the hope of attracting someone’s attention to the Word of God.

Some of these items are handcrafted in house, others are modified to bear an engraving or print of scriptures. All are high quality and built to be pleasing to the eye, fit for use, and ready to provide a message.

We never underestimate the value of effectively placing scripture wherever possible. By this we are reminded of who we serve, what the Lord said, and what he’s promised.

Though the dollar value may differ from item to item, the value added by the inclusion of the power of God’s Word is priceless. Not only for those who purchase our products, but for those who our customers come across in their daily walk in the Lord.

We understand that the Word of God is quick and powerful, sharper than any sword. It pierces through the noise of the day and goes straight to the heart. Planting a seed is what these products are all about.

It could be a T-Shirt, dinnerware, or even a hand towel, that could spark up a conversation between a customer and someone who doesn’t know the Lord. Sometimes a person could look at a  verse on an article of clothing and say nothing at all, but that seed planted might take to root in time.

The Father can use anything he’d like to bring others unto him, and if it all begins with one of our products, then it’s all to his glory.